Jun 24 • 13M

Overcoming Insomnia Guided Meditation

Experience restorative sleep with our guided meditation designed to overcome insomnia and promote deep relaxation

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Mer Zandifar Dias
Join us every month for a transformative meditation experience. Our 10-15 minute guided sessions focus on mindfulness, Buddhist psychology, breathwork, and visualization techniques to help you address anxiety and stress, improve your sleep quality, increase present-moment awareness, and cultivate inner peace and grounding. Our podcast is the perfect addition to your mindfulness practice, providing a soothing break in your busy day. Tune in and harness the power of meditation to transform your mind, body, and spirit.

If you're struggling with insomnia or just having a hard time relaxing at night after a long day, this guided meditation is right for you. Experience a deep sense of restful sleep with this meditation designed to promote relaxation and overcome insomnia. This 13-minute-long meditation is best listened to with headphones and ideally right before you go t…

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