Jul 7 • 20M

Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

Enjoy restful sleep with our guided meditation that facilitates mental calmness and promotes relaxation through self-regulation.

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Mer Zandifar Dias
Join us every month for a transformative meditation experience. Our 10-15 minute guided sessions focus on mindfulness, Buddhist psychology, breathwork, and visualization techniques to help you address anxiety and stress, improve your sleep quality, increase present-moment awareness, and cultivate inner peace and grounding. Our podcast is the perfect addition to your mindfulness practice, providing a soothing break in your busy day. Tune in and harness the power of meditation to transform your mind, body, and spirit.
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This week’s podcast offers a 20-minute guided meditation to help listeners quiet their minds and soothe anxiety. Designed to promote relaxation and calm the nervous system, this guided meditation leads listeners through a series of calming techniques to induce deep relaxation to promote restful sleep. Whether you suffer from anxiety, insomnia or want to enhance your mental wellness, this practice can help you achieve a peaceful state of mind to enjoy a restful night's sleep.

*This meditation begins with about 40 seconds of silence to give you time to settle in.

Disclaimer: This practice does not serve as a substitute for medical attention. Please avoid driving or operating heavy machinery during this meditation.

Guided Meditation for Sleep